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CopyWipe Hard Drives

A utility from TBU (TeraByteUnlimited) for cloning one hard drive to another. (It can also be used to 'sanitize' or 'zero' or 'wipe' a complete hard drive by writing zeros to its data surface and completely destroy all data on the drive in the process).

Both the copying and the wiping components of this utility can destroy personal data if you are not careful or sure about what you are doing. If in any doubt about which is the target drive then back-out. To only attach the target drive in an external USB enclosure or to a converter cable is one way of making identification easier. The TBU CopyWipe page has links to the sort of equipment that can be used to attach hard drives in this manner and we have added a couple of examples in the notes at the end of this page.

  1. First of all grab this direct download of CopyWipe for DOS (free; 556 kB) and unzip it.
  2. Insert a blank floppy diskette or a blank CDR/CDRW into its drive.
  3. Run the makedisk.exe file inside  the unzipped download.
  4. Choose Floppy or CD as appropriate from the makedisk options, click "Finish" and wait for your bootable medium to be created.
  5. Attach the two relevant hard drives; one the source and one the target.
  6. Boot the PC to your newly created bootable floppy or CD (setting the boot order in the BIOS, etc) as necessary.
  7. Choose "Copy a Hard Drive"
  8. Choose BIOS HD (or USB or Firewire/IEE1394 for an external drive if appropriate).
  9. Choose the correct Hard Drive from any list if there is more than one of that type.
  10. Repeat as above for the Target Hard Drive.
  11. Double-check that you have chosen the correct Target Hard Drive. Once copying starts, original data on the chosen Target Drive will be overwritten.
  12. We suggest that you choose "Straight Copy" and do any resizing later using BootIt-NG or GParted or similar but do choose "Scale Size" if you want all of the space on the new drive to be utilised and you are sure that the BIOS and your system will support such a resized drive. Note that a combined copy and resize will take longer than a Straight Copy.
  13. If unhappy at this stage then back-out by not agreeing to the final screen and go and seek help or read the manual again.
  14. If you agree to the cloning then enter Y and go make some tea or let it run overnight.


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