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We are ...

Paulski aka Paul Komski aka Paul and his family - from our Aberdeen-Angus farm in the N of the S of Ireland! When we are geekish, we particularly enjoy biting the heads off live chickens; well at least some of the canine members do.

Our basic aims here are ...

To help people become masters of their computers, to protect themselves from being "ripped off" and from being invaded by undesirable elements while, at the same time, gaining enjoyment and usefulness from their computers and the huge resources available on the internet.

Change in direction

We originally had it in mind to create a large resource here - but the reality is that we never seem to have time to complete the "project". So there has been a change in direction and (for the time being at least) we will concentrate on smaller areas and try to do them better. Please send us feedback if you would like any specific topics covered or corrected. Feedback and/or Donations.

The internet as an information source

The resources of the web are huge, rich, varied yet sadly often undesirable. You probably know about them but, if not, Google and the English Wikipedia are two that we lean on heavily and cannot recommend highly enough.

An acknowledgement

We have participated in the PCGuide Forums for some time. It is a resource that is always worth visiting for help with computers and computing and our thanks goes to Charles Kozierok for having set it all up and for the quantity of useful material we have gleaned from its contributors over the years. If you have a particular interest in computer hardware then visit its underlying website where there is a huge amount of superb information and reference material.

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