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Quick Overview:- A utility for renaming files in batches.

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File Renamer
(The unzipped batchrenamer.mdb is 156 kB with an MD5 = 294591c4f06bd3142d2d23d95ed2ecc8).


Originally designed in response to a query on the PCGuide Forums for a utility that could rename files in batches and/or for help with programming for the same.

One of the reasons for having developed this as an Access database is just to show how relatively easy it is to use MS Access more like a normal executable than as a formal database; the back-end simply consists of one table with one row of default settings.


The download is a zipped MS Access 2000 .mdb file. It will hopefully run and compile on later versions of MS Office though a conversion may be required on such first usage. All the VBA code may be freely copied and modified as desired. It includes one Windows API (browse folder control) rather than ActiveX common controls which help with its portability. We may convert it to a freestanding VB exe at a later stage.

Use completely at your own risk; there is a link to a Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.



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