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AutoDetect-n-Copy to PenDrive

Quick Overview:- A utility to automate/semi-automate the copying of files stored in a specific folder on a PC into the root of an external removable drive, such as a pen drive, when inserted into a PC.  Autodetection/autocopying can be enabled for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Not yet tested under Vista but as long as "Run as Administrator" we think it should be OK. Feedback or any bug reports would be much appreciated.

Freeware Downloads

Version 3 (The unzipped detectusb.exe  is 64kB with an MD5 = 3765e46742589415bb4b6ba5a5a9eef4). Free to download, use and distribute. Changed interface and Version 3 now works under Window 2000 "detection-wise" but wont display the device information such as vendor and product IDs.

Second Version (The unzipped detectusb.exe  is 56kB with an MD5 = 65e6ced48557dcd69c63d2d7225ec5d3). Free to download, use and distribute. Version 2 allows folders and any of their subfolders to be included in the processing. There is one known bug to be ironed out. If autodetection is used and there already existed a drive letter higher than any new drive letter added, the autodetection may be incorrect. A manual rescan should correct things but means that autocopying could fail.

First Version (The unzipped detectusb.exe  is 48kB with an MD5 = 71d77cfbe9fdb69d6ca711828f5a3b3e). Free to download, use and distribute.


Originally designed in response to a query on the PCGuide Forums for a  utility that could automate file copy onto a USB pen drive in response to the simple insertion of the drive into the PC. It works best under Windows XP under which it will also extract device information such as vendor and product ID. Autodetection under Windows 2000 has not yet been achieved but it is simple to initiate a manual scan. We anticipate that it should work under Windows Vista.

Just place the .exe into the folder containing the files to be copied and then insert the removable drive. It's almost as simple as that. Large files unless on a USB2 setup may take some time to copy and there is no progress meter.

Version 2 includes the possibility to include folders and their subfolders. All selected folders are fully recursive and will include all files and sub-folders in them. As with file copying, if the destination contains the same files and path they will ALWAYS BE OVERWRITTEN with the new data.


detect usb drive


Use completely at your own risk; there is a link to a Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

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