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Selective Folder Copier

Quick Overview:- A utility for copying selected sub-folders that have been modified (or contain files that have been modified) within a set number of days. Simply unzip the download and run from a location of your choice. No registry entries or additional files are created. Feedback or any bug reports would be much appreciated.

Freeware Download
(The unzipped SelectiveCloner1b.exe v1.0.0.4 is 16.9kB with an MD5 = 518bea4db7a9091a148d19b14ae57a7e).


Originally designed in response to a query on the PCGuide Forums for a freeware utility to copy a subset of folders based on when they were last modified. The default period has been set at 60 days for the time being, since this was the original request. The period can be edited up to 999999 days.



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You will be prompted before copying starts but once started there is no way of instituting any Undo or cancelling the progress programatically.

Use completely at your own risk; there is a link to a Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

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