BiNG: Partitioner/Imager

Quick Start:- Directly download, unzip it and then run the enclosed makedisk.exe. You can usually just accept the defaults until you get to the choices of making a bootable floppy or CD or of making an iso to burn to a CD later-on or on another PC that has a CD burner. (If your PC supports booting from a USB drive then makedisk may also be able to install BiNG to it and make it bootable).

To simply use the application as an Imager/Partitioner then boot to the created Floppy/CD/USB Drive. Cancel the first setup prompt (if that is what first appears) and then from the Maintenance Mode prompt enter Partition Work to "get busy" with a variety of partitioning and imaging tasks. You can also choose "Partition Work" as the boot choice from the makedisk wizard and you would then directly reach this part of the application on starting.

To install it as a top-notch boot manager you will need to run its setup

Getting Started

Some Notes

Additional Support

There are some FAQs etc on the website but there are also good newsgroups. The NNTP server is and the NNTP port should be changed to 1198.