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Automating Backup (Windows)

Quick Overview:- This page relates specifically to Windows XP but, with modification, the basic principles can be used in most other versions of Windows. Although Windows has a native ability to make compressed zip-file archives, this isn't easily done from a command line. The use of the 7zip freeware program is and will be thus recommended for making (and restoring from) zip files.

The automated part of backing-up is mostly done here by using "Scheduled Tasks". These are often used to invoke a number of "home made" batch files. Batch files are (usually simple) text files with a .bat file extension that gives them executive status. They are a way of running things from the Command Prompt without actually entering any text at the prompt. Once made functional it is easy to re-use them again and again either manually or by calling them from something else. They are really not that difficult to produce but the syntax must be absolutely spot on. They can usually be simply edited by right clicking on them and choosing the edit option. Another way is to drag-n-drop them onto Notepad or a Notepad shortcut.


Shadow Copy Service


Scheduled Tasks

Zipping it all up

Restoring from .zip files using 7Zip

Windows XP zipping/unzipping

Third Party Windows Software


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